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Name of Company:
Toshiba Logistics America, Inc. (TLGA)
Main Office:
5241 California Ave - Suite 250, Irvine, CA 92617
SBS Toshiba Logistics Corporation (100%)
Main Services:
  • Warehouse
  • Brokerage
  • Import & Export Compliance
  • Transportation Management
  • Project Logistics (Management of Oversized Cargo)
  • Consultancy on Logistics Solutions
Toshiba Logistics America, Inc.

About Toshiba Logistics America, Inc.

Toshiba Logistics America, Inc. (TLGA) is a subsidiary of SBS Toshiba Logistics Corporation, a global provider of logistics services. TLGA provides logistics management and services to Toshiba operating companies as well as other companies in the United States. TLGA offers services such as Warehousing, Brokerage, Import and Export Compliance, Transportation Management, Project Logistics, and Consultancy on Logistics Solutions.

Toshiba Logistics Network

About SBS Toshiba Logistics Corporation, Japan

SBS Toshiba Logistics Corporation is 100% shareholder of TLGA and headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. SBS Toshiba Logistics Corporation is an integrated logistics company offering logistics solutions to provide customers with optimum logistics methods. The company has developed a logistics network with bases all over the world with consolidate annual sales of over US$12 billion and expanding sphere of activities worldwide in order to realize a global society.

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